Minor Restaurant a la Jazz” Really Sizzles


The gem of Yalikavak, “Minor Restaurant a la Jazz” , both a restaurant and Jazz Bar, is truly a magical place! Certainly, we recommend you take one of your first nights in town to go and visit, as we are sure you will want to go back again and again before you leave!

Why is it such a special place for all of us in Yalikavak (and the surrounding Bodrum Peninsula)?  Because not only does it have GREAT food and Drinks, FANTASTIC live entertainment-7 nights a week, but it also comes with a lovely story and wonderful, warm people

Nugget’s Corner


Joachim and his wife Haryati have run Traditional Indonesian Restaurant Nugget’s Corner in Kuta, Lombok for many years. Joachim moved 5 years ago from France and married his wife who became the chef of the restaurant. He has a big passion for ocean and great surfing which makes him stay in South Lombok. Moreover, he believes that Lombok has a great economic potential.

When did you come to Indoneisa for the first time?
The first time I came to Indonesia was 9 years ago. I came with my wife to discover her country. We first went to Java (Jogjakarta – Borobudur) and then we decided to come to Lombok.

Why did you decide to stay?
I decided to stay for my family, I got married here and have a 6 year old daughter. I always liked the Kuta lifestyle too. Lombok was offering me what I always dreamed about, that is beautiful landscapes, quiet place, great waves and cool people.

Can you tell us more about your business activities?
I spend a lot of time in our restaurant

Winter’s Hottest Drinking Destinations


Food and Drink

Your perfect barstool is the one directly in front of the bartender in Aspen. Or, maybe that’s not your barstool after all. You prefer a high-backed chair by the roaring fire in NYC, surrounded by friends.

No, no … that’s not it. It’s not even a bar you are after, but a stiff glass of well-balanced American whiskey on a porch in Utah with view of white-capped mountains.

As it turns out, bars both old and new are on their game this season and we’ve got a roundup of the hottest places to drink in 2016.

Aspen, CO


Everyone loves Aspen – including American Airlines, which has added nonstop service daily from Chicago and Dallas from December – April of 2016.

Check in to the St. Regis and request the services of the hotel’s new Altitude Concierge to help you acclimate. Then head to Jimmy’s, where proprietor Jimmy Yeager has been greeting guests with a glass of water first since 1997. “Drinking at altitude is a tricky sport,” he says. His Contessa is a new

Delicious Dish Enjoyed in Regency Grill

You want to get a dining experience unpredictable? You can visit Regency Grill to get a lot of delicious food that has been prepared with specials by Executive Chef Dale Fowler them. You will enjoy a variety of delicious foods that are ready to shake your tongue with the presence of food from chef who has experience and received many awards. The food they offer ranging from delicious appetizers and also unique, such as house made beer-battered fish ‘n chips, chicken and mushroom fettuccine Alfredo, slow roasted Prime Rib, and much more. You must try all the dishes up on the dish lid, because it tastes so amazing.

For those who eat gluten-free and become a vegetarian, you do not need to worry. There you can get a meal that matches your criteria. It is one of the Medford restaurant where highly respected and renowned always serves special and delicious. The services provided are also perfect so highly complementary offerings from their food. The Executive Chef Dale Fowler always is able to create a new menu that has never existed in Medford, so you must taste the results of their works. Fowler always use the best

Find a Recipe for Success with Quality Menu Sleeves and Holders

There are so many things that go into making a successful restaurant that the process is worthy of its own recipe. The trouble is that, unlike your favourite how-to on making puddings, pies or what have you, there isn’t one sure-fire way to whip up success in the business world, especially in a market as diverse and fiercely competitive as the food and dining industry. Even if you could predict what kinds of ingredients typically go into the restaurants that make it to the top, ‘menu sleeves and holders’ wouldn’t even begin to crack your list. But while they may not seem like much, having good menu sleeves and holders are an absolute must for aspiring chefs and maître-ds hungering for acclaim (or a Michelin Star.)

Here, then, is just a taste of what these unsung elements of the restaurant world can do for you.

Underrated Ingredients in Success

What makes menu sleeves and holders worth considering?

For one thing, they’re another mark of your restaurant’s professionalism. People tend to associate quality with attributes such as sturdiness and classiness. It’s why they favour a delicately fashioned wine glass over a plastic red solo cup,

Quintonil: Retrato de la excelencia gastronómica

Como ya lo hemos publicado, la Ciudad de México tiene la fortuna de albergar a tres de los 50 mejores restaurantes del mundo, según Sn. Pellegrino. De ellos, Quintonil destaca por entrar en esta lista por primera vez este año, pese a que ya contaba con varios reconocimientos nacionales e internacionales. Para conocer más de este innovador lugar, My Destination Mexico City entrevistó al Chef Jorge Vallejo, quien de la mano de su esposa, Alejandra Flores, concretó su sueño en este lugar que es el vivo retrato de la excelencia gastronómica de México.

La mente detrás: A su corta edad, Jorge ha alcanzado éxitos y un prestigio internacional inigualables. Estudió Administración y Artes Culinarias en Ambrosía. Tras egresar, tuvo oportunidad de trabajar en cadenas de hoteles y cruceros internacionales así como algunos de los mejores restaurantes del mundo, como Pujol, en el D.F., y Noma, en Copenhague –considerado el número uno del mundo por tres años consecutivos–. En 2012, Jorge abrió las puertas del que se convertiría en poco tiempo en el restaurante favorito de varios capitalinos: Quintonil.

El origen. Jorge comenta que Alejandra y él siempre quisieron tener un restaurante. “De repente se dio la

Ciudad de México: Capital de sabores

Si piensas que la gastronomía de la Ciudad de México se trata de burritos y nachos, te tengo noticias: difícilmente los encontrarás en los restaurantes. Lo bueno es que podrás descubrir una de las cocinas más variadas, deliciosas y reconocidas ¡del mundo! Estas son 10 razones que prueban este hecho:

  1. Nacido para ser delicioso: El emperador azteca Moctezuma II (1466-1520) y su corte solían tener unos 30 platillos distintos servidos en cada comida, mismos que incluían pavos, faisanes, pequeñas aves, palomas, patos, venado, conejo, gusanos y hormigas, todos acompañados con las tradicionales tortillas de maíz y tamales [1]. Además, su dieta incluía pescado del Golfo de México, guayabas, aguacate, camote y otras frutas de las regiones más cálidas del país y de Centroamérica [2]. De hecho, ¡muchos de esos ingredientes los seguimos comiendo a diario!
  2. De México para el mundo: Maíz, chile, chocolate, vainilla, tomate, frijoles, aguacate, pavo, nopales y tunas, calabaza y su flor, calabaza de castilla, jarabes y algunos tipos de papas… Son sólo algunos de los muchos ingredientes que México le dio a la gastronomía mundial [3]. Estuvieron presentes en las cocinas prehispánicas y siguen presentes en nuestra dieta diaria. ¿Puedes imaginar una pizza sin tomate

Bali’s Paradise Fruits

All fruit should be washed, but by “safe to eat” we mean that almost no fruit in Bali is sprayed with noxious chemicals, nor is it genetically modified. Bali has such a variety of “wild” fruit that you should take advantage of the situation while here. It literally almost “falls off the trees” and as a result you will be amazed how cheap most fruit is.

If you see deciduous fruit, it is usually imported, and most imported fruit is picked when still green, so lacks that “sun-ripened” flavor. In Bali, most fruit is sold the day it is picked, not stored, unless exported.

Dragon Fruit:

A typical fruit in abundance right now is Dragon Fruit (hylocereus), said to originate in Mexico but now “native” to many Asian countries. Its Asian names include the Malay buah naga and pitahaya. The name ‘pitahaya’ or ‘pitaya’ is derived from Spanish.

The fruits have red or white meat with tiny black, edible pips and are great anti-oxidants. Delicious in a smoothy.


Also abundant right now is the Mangosteen (manggis) packed with essential nutrients that are needed for growth, development and overall well-being. Research has

There is plenty of things to do in Calabar,

There is plenty of things to do in Calabar, Nigeria. With an impressive array of tourist activities, as well as a rich history for those fascinated in that subject, Calabar offers a lot to both backpackers and tourist alike. However, with a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, we’ve decided to cut down your choice to 10 of the best places to eat in Calabar.

  1. Freddy’s

Starting this list with the most obvious, and famous, is Freddy’s. This restaurant serves the best continental, Lebanese and Oriental cuisines in Calabar. Freddy’s offers intercontinental dishes with plenty of local flair. The meals are prepared with fresh ingredients to create original Lebanese cuisine. Freddy’s contains a variety of salads, fish and best of all, huge prawns! Local beers, wines and all drinks are available and all at competitive prices for the area.

Address: 90 Atekong Drive, State Housing Estate, Calabar, Nigeria

  1.  Happy Food

Happy Food leaves happy customers! Happy food is one of the best places to enjoy fantastic Chinese food. Reservations can be made for up to 10 people, so do not worry about

Seal of Quality’ awards for Algarve Restaurants

One of the best things about visiting a foreign county is sampling the local cuisine. In fact, the quality of food can often make or break a holiday abroad, so it’s always wise to do a little research on the restaurants in and around your destination before you travel.

This year, the Portuguese organisation AIHSA – Industrial Association of Hoteliers – presented more than 30 Algarve restaurants with the “Seal of Quality Tourism 2015“.

The “Seal of Quality Tourism 2015” award was created by the AIHSA, in partnership with the School of Hospitality and Tourism of the Algarve, the Algarve Tourism Board and the Inter-municipal Community of the Algarve. The ‘Quality Seal’ is designed to help tourists make the best choices when it comes to dining out in the region, with the award winning restaurants displaying the Seal on their premises. The Seal was awarded to restaurants considered to offer quality in food, service, ambience and presentation.

The 33 restaurants that achieved the accreditation are spread across the Algarve and include popular holiday destinations such as Albufeira and the region’s elite Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago.

Here are some of the outstanding

The ancient of village Hoi An

Only an hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City you will find this picturesque, small town that has a long history of being a trade harbor in the 17th and 18th century. Its old center is well preserved and welcomes tourists from all over the world to have a look at old ancient structures that still remain and are part of an acknowledged UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999.

To get to Hoi An you can take a flight to Danang which takes one hour. For the more adventurous traveler there are different trains leaving from Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi that will bring you to Danang in around seventeen hours. From the center of Danang it’s around thirty minutes to Hoi An by car and this taxi ride will set you back around 400.000 VND (18 USD).

A little outside the town you will find luxury beach resorts which provide all the amenities you can imagine to indulge yourself in a relaxing getaway from the busy street life. Closer to the ancient center and along the riverside there are many hotels and hostels and this wide variety of accommodation ranges in price from 8

Patio Cocktail Bar

The old part of Nicosia in the area off Ledra street has recently been enjoying a great renaissance thanks to the huge investment of time and money in the area and one of the most popular places is Patio Cocktail, Wine and Tapas Bar.

What an incredible place Patio is.

The Patio area captures the imagination straight off as the garden wall is lined with an eclectic collection old coloured shutters that are every colour of the rainbow and the outdoor furniture is just as colourful and these definitely lighten hearts and put everyone in a relaxed party mood. The inside decoration is stylish in white grey and purple – with accents of black. Patio’s eye catching logo incorporates the letter ‘o’ shaped as a keyhole and appears frequently and by day, Patio is popular for lunch and its ‘Privileged Brunch weekends’ (11.00 -3.00 pm. each day) have a growing number of fans.

During weekday evenings the atmosphere is bubbly busy and there is a friendly ambience but at weekends Patio becomes so popular that the atmosphere is electric and reservations are recommended.

There are three reasons why Patio is so popular….really good music


The Melbourne Tomato Festival 2016 will be a gathering of local farmers selling produce, speakers, agriculturalists, cooking demonstrations, Italian food, artisan producers, special guests, history, workshops, entertainment and of course passata making.

This year the event will be held on the 21st February at Edendale Community Farm. We chose this site because of its principals of Environmental Education featuring sustainable living practices for the whole community.

Even though the tomato is not native to Italy or Australia, for generations it has come to typify Italian Culture through its use in cooking, custom and festivals.

The inspiration for the festival has come from a desire to preserve customs and traditions that bring family and communities together through the celebration of harvests and good food.

It stems from the garages of suburban Melbourne when the backyard tomato crops where harvested and the whole family spent the day washing, crushing  and bottling tomato into recycled beer bottles.

Although at the time, we as children, saw this as incredibly hard work, it now defines the importance of our culture and unity as a family. It was in fact a celebration of the harvest where we would all gather to work,

Restaurant Review for this month

With just one exception I have been incredibly lucky with the Café’s and Restaurants I have tried since doing the page but this is by far the best.

Hidden in plain sight is this culinary jewel in busy St Kilda and I had high expectations for this small but very busy Malaysian restaurant in St Kilda’s Acland street and from the first mouthful these were not only met but surpassed. The service is exemplary we were made to feel welcome and the staff were helpful, polite and attentive without being pushy. Some places struggle when full but not here.

The menu  comprises of all the favourites such as Satays, Rendang, Laksa and of course Nasi Goreng.

These are accompanied by less well known dishes such as Gado Gado a dish that sounds as if it was the product of a late night raid on the fridge after returning from the pub. A mix of cucumber, cabbage, and bean shoots and tofu are steamed and topped with a spicy peanut sauce, egg slices and pappadams which tasted as amazing as it sounds.

The meal started with Satay Chicken and Ling Ling, Snap fried bite size

Things To Do in Hue

Say to the mausoleums and temples, no to the tickets to enter samey tour destinations, if you have not! Instead, live and breathe like the locals, eat where they eat, and do what they do, in Hue.

Cyclo ride

Why not? Many tourists reflected that taking a cyclo ride is an indeed a bold move. However, in the end they uniformly enjoy being seated in the vehicle and towed away by a native. There, one can indulge themselves in gently crossing the tiny streets peppered with tamarind leaves snaking within the citadel of Hue. The next moment, one is transported to the road parallel to a dreamy river, or else, the garden houses of the old times

Rate: 70.000 VND per hour.

Boat Ride across the coastal lagoon

Heading toward the South of Hue City, we find ourselves in the largest mangrove of all SoutheastAsia: Tam Giang Lagoon, looking into the East Sea from which is separated by a thin piece of land. Tourists can take a service small boat to travel from Bao Vinh Old Quarters (once a bustling commercial port with the Chinese) and behold the alluring ancient houses to Te

Phuket’s Street Food Scene

Tropical Phuket is most famous for its beaches, but to experience the real heart and soul of the island it’s essential to delve into its local food culture. Throughout Thailand, eating is a joy and an all-day topic of conversation − and Phuket is no exception. When Thais are not busy eating they’re often talking about their last meal . . . or their next one. This is just a theory, but we believe that if people were to learn the vocabulary for Thai food only, they’d be able to follow 80 percent of the chatter here.

From the lively markets to street stalls, to tiny family-run eateries with three or four tables, fresh fare is inexpensive and easy to find in every town on Phuket. And with so many roving motorbike food carts, lazy gourmets could just stay home or find a shady spot along the road and wait for the food to come to them!

Sâm lạnh”

One of the more special drinks you’ll come across in Vietnam, there are several varieties but the most common types sold on the streets are “Bong Cuc”, which is prepared from daisy flowers. Other varieties include “Linh Chi” which is made from mushrooms and “Nuoc Dang” which translates to ‘bitter drink’. They all belong to the “Sam Lanh” family and while they can look a little like dirty tap water, they can have some of the sweetest, smokiest, and most bitter flavors you’ll taste creating a very unique drop! Generally known to be good for your health, it’s usually served in a bottle from the icy depths of a sidewalk seller’s chiller box though at some busy roadside stalls, it’ll be served to you in a glass filled with ice.

 “Dừa tắc”–

This tasty number comes with the help from one of man’s best natural resources. Coconuts! Always served fresh to order in a glass heaped with ice, as is the norm in these parts, “Dua Tac” is a firm favorite among locals. Not as easily found as the other drinks mentioned, places that sell this are usually quite busy and doing very good trade. Coconut

Phuket Weekend Market

If you like bargain-hunting and don’t mind a bit of hustle and bustle, why not try a real-life market. A word of caution: you are stepping off the tourist track and rubbing shoulders with hundreds of like-minded Thais and expat residents, so be prepared to get real. You will enjoy the experience and we guarantee you will not leave without buying something. Some of the prices are unbelievable. A word to the wise – bring cash; stallholders look askance at platinum cards!

The most popular weekend market is officially called Chao Fa Variety but is universally referred to by its Thai name Talad Tai Rot. For many years the market operated from a space behind the Phang Nga Road bus station but has recently moved to a larger area on Chao Fa West Road. Every weekend hundreds of people flock here to shop, eat and drink and to meet with their friends.

It is impossible to give a comprehensive catalogue of what is offered. It is a characteristic of these markets that the nature of the merchandise is constantly changing. In other words, if you see what you want, buy it immediately – it may not

The Craft Beer Revolution

This might come as a surprise, but drinking beer was actually illegal in Iceland from 1915-1989. That’s more than 70 years of the Icelandic nation living without beer, doing their best to cope by mixing non-alcoholic beer with vodka or Brennivín (we don’t recommend trying this at home).

Now we can drink beer again and it’s become our most popular alcoholic drink. It’s so popular in fact that in recent years there’s been a sort of beer revolution. Micro-breweries have emerged, producing quality small batch beers, and bars catering to beer enthusiasts are popping up everywhere. Here are some of the best craft bars where beer lovers can taste the finest Icelandic beers and ales, all located in the central area.

Skúli – You might have a bit of trouble finding the place, but it’s worth it. Skúli focuses on craft beers of the highest quality; Icelandic and non-Icelandic. The selection of 14 beers on draught can be found on a blackboard behind the bar, and it changes rapidly. The selection of bottled beer is huge, with over 130 types. Skúli is a cozy, quiet place where you can sit down and have a conversation over

Best Margaritas in the US Best Margaritas in the US

For margarita purists, there are only 2 questions: Frozen or on the rocks? And salt or no salt? But what about on fire, with “salt air,” or shaken tableside? These are just a few of the options offered at the country’s best margarita bars.

El Compadre Restaurant (Los Angeles)

Longtime customers and celebs alike stream into the original Hollywood location of this LA staple for a night of revelry in its festive, hacienda-inspired dining room, fueled by mariachi music and flaming margaritas. While the blue flame that hovers over the lemon in your drink is flavorless, you can certainly taste the tequila (and added coconut juice, if you so desire).

We’ve come to expect a lot out of the meat and margaritas in Texas, and at the Lonesome Dove, you’ll find inventive takes on both. Larger-than-life celebrity chef Tim Love’s wild-game dishes, including elk and foie gras sliders and kangaroo nachos, create a 1-2 punch with his legendary jalapeno cucumber margaritas.

Big Star (Chicago)

After a particularly harsh Chicago winter, you’ll find there’s no better retreat than the packed sunny patio of this Wicker Park taqueria, which is housed in a

Ewan Porter’s Top 5 Fall Beers

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival. And as the festivities are in full swing in Munich, Germany, and here in the US, we’d thought it be the perfect time to pay tribute to the king of adult beverages. It’s a wonderful time to be a beer enthusiast because there are several world-class beers being brewed around the globe.

But you don’t have to make the long journey across the pond to experience quality beer.  I’ve put together a list of my Top 5 favorite beers to enjoy this time of year, without leaving the United States.

1: Southern Tier Pumking

All hail the king!  That’s right I’m declaring this the beer you must try in 2015.  Many breweries in the US have created various versions of pumpkin ales, which are generally released in the early fall.  None do a better job of epitomizing this style than the folks in Western New York at Southern Tier.

Gently sniff the aroma this ale releases before you savor the sweet, cinnamon, pumpkin pie flavor of this beer. For a memorable tasting, it’s important to detect what awaits your palate prior to consuming it.

2: Weyerbacher